Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!!

My birthday was eventfull. Hubby campaigned to have all my friends and family call or email me, and lots of people did! It was fun to answer my phone and have it be people I care about, and look at email and see lovely messages from loved ones. Then, he came home from work early to take the kids swimming, and cook a nice dinner. I really needed the break, because...

The kids are tired of being in temporary housing, I think, as tension seems to be high. Critter, 8, has been moody, and Imp, 4 very, very impulsive and impish. As I was trying to get things together to take the kids OUT to a playground to run around, Imp let Phoebe (our toy poodle) out, and our temp housing is *right* by a very busy street that construction vehicles and semis use regularly.

I caught Phoebe after following her for about 1 1/2 blocks, (crossing no streets, thank goodness...the kids were following me, too) when she decided she found a good spot to "do her business."

Then, Critter decided her bangs were too long (decided is such a mild word) and while I was trimming them, Imp decided it seemed like a good idea, so he found scissors and tried cutting his own hair. Sooo...instead of the park, we went to the hair salon. Imp was in need of a haircut before his foray with scissors, so it actually was not terrible timing...and he looks adorable, so all's well that ends well.

Anyhow, I got to play WoW and knit, both of which were very relaxing for me, and I feel recharged today! And the kids are playing a wonderful made-up game that sounds sort of like family. I love when they play together! AND no one has asked for TV yet today!

Oh! I also got a beautiful embroidered shirt from a dear friend, and a gift certificate to Home Depot from my parents. One practical gift, and one pampering...lovely!


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